Beautiful Funeral Flowers

Art Stems has years of experience constructing beautiful and unique casket sprays and funeral sheaths for funeral services across Melbourne. We specialise in working closely with our clients, ensuring we are able to provide only the most thoughtfully designed, sculptural arrangements that can be personalised to your needs, and to the atmosphere you want to create for the service. 

Our arrangements offer a beautiful and creative point of difference from those that might be the standard offering from a funeral home or larger franchise florist. Our aim as a boutique florist is always to ensure the arrangements we create are memorable - providing a romantic beauty that best honours your loved one. 

Our florists are particularly passionate about creating casket sprays that incorporate a personalised touch - whether that be using a colour palette you feel is best representative of the character of the deceased, using flowers that might have been their particular favourites, or even incorporating flowers from your own family gardens; a beautiful gesture that makes for an incredibly special celebration of their life. We offer both seasonal and rose casket spray options, both of which can be personalised to each client. Our seasonal arrangements use flowers we’ve sourced from our wholesalers at flower farms and markets across Victoria, selecting whatever is growing well at any given time, and what looks most beautiful during any given season. We will work within the options we have that meet the colour requirements you have, ensuring the colours work beautifully together and contribute to the casket spray being a work of floral art. Our rose casket sprays also use roses that we source from wherever we can find options that meet your colour requirements, as well as working with our favourite Victorian farms, ensuring the stock we use is always beautiful in colour and form.Art Stems is known for our artful approach to floristry, incorporating unique uses of line and form, and we love being trusted with the opportunity to create something beautiful that speaks to the significance of those you love most. We would love to create something special and memorable for you, so if your priority is to curate a funeral service that captures the sincerity of your care for the dearly departed, we would absolutely love to hear from you.

Casket Sprays start at $600.

Funeral Sheaths start at $300.

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