Seasonal Flowers

A signature quality of the work we do at Art Stems is our love of working with the freshest seasonal flowers and foliages - every single one of our arrangements is completely unique, and designed by our florists to emulate and celebrate the shifting of the seasons. As with the flowers in our gardens at home, some of our flowers and plants will flourish during some months more than others - the same is true for the flowers supplied to us from local markets and farms. We are so grateful as florists to be able to spend so much time enjoying the incredible beauty and diversity of flowers, and equally are very grateful for how in touch we become with which flowers are looking their freshest, healthiest and most beautiful at any time of year.

Creative Floristry

Another driving force behind what we do is our desire to present a unique work of floral art to each customer - because our florists are all creatives at their core, and because our priority is to let the flowers themselves inspire the direction of each arrangement.

Our florists let the life within the flowers and foliages dictate their designs - whether that be the incredible burnished red that comes through in autumn foliages, or the vivid colour pops that are widely celebrated during the Spring boom. There is a certain magic to letting nature’s divine decision-making mingle with the unique creativity of each of our florists - it’s a beautiful thing to  know that every floral design that leaves the shop honours the individuality of the person who created it, while also honouring nature itself.

Special Requests

Although we are always excited about the unknown and love seeing how each arrangement will take shape as it is put together, we all know that sometimes curiosity gets the best of us!

For customers who want to get a sense of what flowers they might expect to see at this time of year, have a look at our seasonal flower guide to get an idea of what flowers and foliages we are celebrating at the moment. And for those who have something very specific in mind in the way of colours or varieties, remember that we’re always open to a phone call or email to see what we can do to fit the aesthetic you’re looking for.