Flowers of June, July and August ...

When it comes to buying flowers seasonally, Winter is often under appreciated as a peak time for some of our beautiful blooms. Despite leaves having fallen from the trees and the temperatures dropping, Winter is a time when some subtly beautiful things occur in nature, and we love being able to spotlight these in our arrangements. 

Australian and South African natives are always a gorgeous choice during winter, with their understated colour palette and hardy forms. Banksias and proteas are looking particularly beautiful, bringing a nostalgic warmth to our arrangements, as well as our stunning wattle foliage - a favourite amongst our florists which brings softness and fluffy, cloud-like form to our work. 

Winter is also when we celebrate the beauty of magnolia - initially using stems in bud to create beautiful lines within our arrangements, and later in winter in full bloom; representing the shifting of the season by celebrating the cool temperatures whilst anticipating the journey into Spring. 

Other seasonal delights include sweet pea, a graceful and whimsical favourite, as well as a customer favourite and perhaps the flower most often associated with winter arrangements; our beautiful tulips. Tulips are adored for their vibrant colours and the transience of their form - following the light, moving as they grow, and becoming almost translucent as they age; only becoming more beautiful and romantic with time. We’re also incredibly lucky to have elite tulips in store - a variety with signature frilled petals; softer in form and perfectly embodying the intermingling of textures that we always seek to explore in our floral designs.

If you’re usually one to wait for the Spring boom to bring your home to life with a bouquet of flowers, we’d love to have you visit us in the shop to become acquainted with the blooms that keep us feeling warm and inspired during these cold months.